Julia Walsh is a multidisciplinary artist currently living and working in Los Angeles, California. A graduate of College of the Atlantic, she studied philosophy and film and received a BA in Human Ecology. Her narrative and experimental video work most notably includes writing, directing, and producing Commuters, a comedic web series. Julia’s photographic subjects range from portraiture and street photography, to the abstract. Her work explores the opaque nature of being human; she is drawn to subjects that are often unseen, undervalued or passed over, and her work examines how these subjects bring dynamic energy to the world. Julia’s interest in cognition and memory has been directly influenced due to her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 2016. She is drawn to meaning–how we create it, and the truths that linger just beneath the surface of a particular subject or scene. Some core themes in her work align with the darker parts of life: assault and sexuality, mental and physical health, income inequality, capitalism, and the redemptive quality of nature. By focusing on the seemingly ordinary, Julia attempts to magnify the burdens we carry and the shame that hides in plain sight. Julia’s work attempts to string a web of connections that shows how we are bound together, putting isolated people, places and things within a larger communal context.